Progressive jackpots pull-tab tickets

Add an extra touch of fun to your bingo game

Progressive jackpots pull-tab tickets

$1 could go a long way!

While you’re at bingo, consider treating yourself to a progressive jackpots pull-tab ticket. The games are quick and a lot of fun! For just $1, you could win an instant prize... And get a shot at other even bigger prizes!

  • Ticket price


  • Loads of instant prizes

  • Progressive jackpots in each participating hall


How to play

Open the three pull-tabs on your ticket to find out if you’ve won one of the following prizes:

  • An instant prize ranging from $1 to $50
    Uncover three identical symbols on the same line and under the same pull-tab, and you’ll win the corresponding prize, as indicated on the ticket.


  • An entry for the in-hall draw game and a shot at even bigger prizes
    Uncover a number under a pull-tab and enter the in-hall draw, in the form of a quick bingo session. Find your number during the game and see if you win a prize.


Speak with a member of the hall’s staff for more information on the prizes up for grabs!

Did you know?

  • 100% of pull-tab ticket sales

    are donated to NPOs!

  • The prizes differ

    from one bingo hall to another.

  • The range of pull-tab tickets on offer varies

    from hall to hall.

  • Once, a bingo player took home $39,000

    with a progressive-jackpot pull-tab ticket!

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If your hall doesn’t sell progressive jackpot(s) pull-tab tickets yet, ask!

For more information, speak with a staff member at a participating bingo hall.