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See where and when network bingo’s most recent jackpots were won.

Congratulations to the winners!


Lots of winners with network bingo in december.

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*From November 26, 2017 to December 23, 2017

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January 31, 2018$33,000

Huguette Larocque

Bingo des Galeries Laval

Ms. Huguette Larocque began playing bingo some thirty years ago, with her sisters. She still keeps up the tradition today, in memory of one of them, regularly visiting their favourite bingo hall at Galeries Laval. On January 31, she was shocked to learn that her full card had won her $33,000. Ms. Larocque plans to use her winnings to take her grand-daughter on a trip to London.

January 26, 2018$15,000

Monique Thériault

Bingo Masson

The first time Ms. Monique Thériault visited Loto-Québec’s offices, she was simply accompanying someone who had won a prize. Now, it's her turn to claim a prize – $15,000 – which she won on January 26. She has no doubt that this visit won’t be her last!

January 26, 2018$142,500

Jacques Gagnon

Paladium Brossard

A fan of bingo from the very beginnings of network bingo, Mr. Jacques Gagnon visits the Paladium Brossard a few nights a week. It was on January 26, however, that he called out his biggest “Bingo!” to date, when he won $142,500. He then went to Loto-Québec to claim his prize. He never would have thought it possible for him to win such a large sum!

January 9, 2018$15,000

Josée Murphy

Bingo Lachine

When Ms. Josée Murphy came to pick up the $15,000 cheque she won on January 9, she exclaimed: “I didn't sleep all night!” A regular player, she initially thought she had won $1,000. She is finding this whole experience surreal. She hopes that her luck is just beginning!

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