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Lots of winners with network bingo in May

Will you be next?

*From April 23, 2017 to May 27, 2017

May 23, 2017$80,000

Jacqueline Tremblay

Bingo Saint-Eustache

Ms. Tremblay debated whether to go to play bingo on May 23. Doing so ended up being a good decision as she was the only jackpot winner! When she visited Loto-Québec, the lucky winner exclaimed: “$80,000 for my 80th birthday!” Ms. Tremblay did not have a strong reaction at the time of the win. She was mostly stunned by the applause and congratulations from everyone in the hall. She plans to treat her three children.

May 10, 2017$145,000

Danielle Arpin Bourret


Bingo du Bas-Richelieu

Ms. Arpin Bourret got quite a gift on her birthday! Having bought an extra card, she was paying close attention to all the numbers, but it was her neighbours to pointed out that she had actually won the $145,000 jackpot. Ms. Arpin Bourret is looking forward to treating herself to a new car and relaxing fishing trips with her spouse.

May 5, 2017$11,000

Pierrette Lajeunesse


Bingo des Galeries Laval

Ms. Lajeunesse usually “prays” for her numbers when there are only a few missing. When she noticed that her missing number had come out, she started to shout very excitedly. It didn’t take very long for everyone to know that Ms. Lajeunesse, who is naturally very expressive, had won a nice $11,000 prize.

May 4, 2017$15,000

Juliette Paquin

Salle de Sainte-Maria-Goretti

Ms. Paquin plays bingo with a friend every other Thursday. May 4 was her lucky day, as she won $15,000 thanks to the Grande Roue game. Tears welled up when she saw how much she would be taking home. The win will make an already-planned trip with her son all the more enjoyable!

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