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See where and when network bingo’s most recent jackpots were won.

Congratulations to the winners!


Lots of winners with network bingo in march.

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*From February 25, 2018 to March 31, 2018

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April 29, 2018$15,000

Jeannette Marquis

Bingo Saint-Eustache

Ms. Jeannette Marquis has been playing bingo for years. Up until now, she had only won small prizes. She will not soon forget her evening of April 29, when her luck changed. Shouting “Bingo!” after the 35th ball—O66, to be precise—was called out, the lucky winner walked away $15,000 richer. Ms. Marquis plans to spoil herself and her daughter.

April 23, 2018$37,500

Ginette Lavoie

Bingo des Chutes

Ms. Ginette Lavoie was thrilled to come to Loto-Québec to collect her $37,500, which she won on April 23. It took the lucky winner a while to grasp the extent of her winnings. “I think it only set in once I told my sister,” she said.

April 13, 2018$130,000

Lise Laroche

Bingo Saint-Eustache

Luck was on Ms. Lise Laroche’s side on Friday the 13th! This Laurentians resident, who has been playing bingo for about a month, visited the Saint-Eustache bingo room on April 13, with her husband of 25 years, sister and brother-in-law. Arriving late, they hurried to buy their cards. In her frenzy, Ms. Laroche bought a Big One for network bingo’s Le Grand Tour game, which is not something she would normally do. This mistake was well worth it, however, with our lucky winner taking home $130,000!

April 13, 2018$15,000

Diane Guilbeault

Salle O 503

On April 13, Ms. Diane Guilbeault first thought she had won $1,000. When she learned she had actually won $15,000, she exclaimed: “That's impossible!” It was with great enthusiasm that she came to pick up her cheque at Loto-Québec, thrilled to be sharing her incredible experience.

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April 2, 2018
Place Desaulniers
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March 30, 2018
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