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Winners - Network bingo

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Lots of winners with bingo in January.

Will you be next?


See where and when network bingo's most recent jackpots were won.

Congratulations to the winners!

Diane Delisle $15,000

February 5, 2020
Centre Notre-Dame-de-Bellerive

Diane went to Centre Notre-Dame-de-Bellerive to play bingo on February 5. She was excited to see her numbers come up one after the other to complete the network bingo Tour de chauffe house pattern, winning her the $15,000 prize. Diane plans to go back again and treat herself to yet more entertaining evenings!

Graziella Lévesque $15,000

February 2, 2019
Bingo Masson

Graziella was an employee at Bingo Masson for almost 12 years in the early 2000s. Now living in the Bas‑Saint-Laurent region, she came to Montréal on February 2 and decided to rekindle memories by going to play at her old hall. She ended up winning the $15,000 prize at the network bingo Tour de chauffe game. Graziella returned home with some happy new memories!

Pierrette Duplantis $118,412

January 19, 2020
Place Desaulniers

Pierrette is a regular at the Place Desaulniers bingo hall. She goes alone, but meets up with friends she’s made there. “Bingo is a great opportunity to meet people!” said the Montérégie resident. Lucky her, not only did the game enable her to make new friends, but on the afternoon of January 19, she won the network bingo jackpot, too! She shed a few tears in the Winners’ Lounge of Loto-Québec’s head office in Montréal when she came to collect her cheque for $118,412.

More winners

  • Rita Boucher Richer
    January 8, 2020
    Bingo des Laurentides
  • Pierre Fritz Guillaume
    December 23, 2019
    Bingo Pointe-aux-Trembles
  • David Giraldeau
    December 21, 2019
    Place Desaulniers
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*From December 29, 2019 to January 25, 2020