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Pull-tab tickets - Network bingo

  • Ticket price
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Several instant prizes
  • Record jackpot

Progressive jackpot(s) pull-tab tickets

Progressive jackpot tickets with three pull-tabs are offered in approximately twenty halls. Lift the pull-tabs to discover whether you have a winning ticket! If you discover symbols under the tabs, you could:

  • Win an instant prize.
  • Participate in the on-screen draw for a chance to win your hall’s progressive jackpot(s).  


Five tickets are currently available for purchase: Porte-chance, Chasse aux trésors, Nachos, Rallye and Tornade de fruits.

Here is how it works:

Purchase a progressive jackpot pull-tab ticket and lift the tabs on the back. If you discover:

  • Three identical symbols on the same line and under a same pull-tab, you win the matching prize.
  • One symbol or a single digit, you will participate in the on-screen draw. Once the draw is over, the emcee will announce whether your hall’s jackpot was won. If not, the jackpot(s) will continue to grow until it’s won.


Discover the pull-tab tickets
[PDF – 1.5 MB]

View rules [PDF – 102 KB]