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Network bingo

Network bingo

Twice a day, in the afternoon and evening, more than 40 bingo halls across Québec simultaneously connect to Loto-Québec’s system to offer network bingo and attractive prizes. 

To participate, purchase your tickets (La Grande Roue, Popcorn, Le Petit Tour and Le Grand Tour) at the same time as tickets for your hall’s usual program before 1 p.m. in the afternoon or 7 p.m. in the evening.  

Le Petit Tour and Le Grand TourLe Petit Tour is played in the afternoon and Le Grand Tour in the evening.

The afternoon jackpot starts at $20,000, and the evening jackpot at $50,000.

Record jackpot for Le Petit tour: $42,000
Record jackpot for Le Grand tour: $180,000

Ticket: $5

  • 6 cards to play
  • 1 shooting stars game

The Big One: $10

  • 12 cards to play
  • 2 shooting stars games
  • 12 “+” symbols

You can play:

Shooting stars

Le Petit Tour: up to $500
Le Grand Tour: up to $1,000

daily pattern

Le Petit Tour: $450
Le Grand Tour: $750

Square and 4 Corners

Le Petit Tour: $750
Le Grand Tour: $1,000

Full Card (Main Prize)

Le Petit Tour: $2,000
Le Grand Tour: 14% of sales

Plus sign

Le Petit Tour: $10,000
Le Grand Tour: $10,000

Don’t miss out on this great warm-up…Every afternoon and evening

La Grande Roue

Ticket: $4

You could win up to $15,000!

  • 4 cards to play
  • 3 games 


Ticket: $2

At the same time as the Grande Roue draw

You could win up to $2,000!

  • 1 bonus doubler
  • 1 game